The future of web design and development will bring even higher online services penetration. We are only scratching the surface of the digital edge and people from around the world will keep on being drawn online. It will only mean that the market will continue boosting and high demand will remain a trend.

Web designing is picking up more pace than desktop development mostly due to cloud and mobile apps are also picking up along with it. The prediction is that 85% of all customer interactions will proceed without human assistance by beginning of 2020s.

Key areas of development

Online customer support

A customer service chatbot is now a reality on almost every website. Whether you are selling education services, items or IT services, you should have a chatbot. The quality and the extent of their services will be the path for next web development trends.

Automated Coding

Automated coding is all about using artificial intelligence in web development. With the increased popularity of AI for businesses many companies have come up with website developer which can build website by using limited inputs from the user.

Virtual Reality WordPress Site

VR is now changing and influencing the way we interact and communicate with web development technologies. eCommerce business has already started to use VR for interacting with customers and this has helped them to offer a different experience. One of the main trends would be for WordPress to provide support for VR and thus creating completely new grounds for development.

Data and Design will Come Together

We are talking about inventing customer experience by gaining insights from the data for personalization. Nowadays design teams and data scientists are on different sides, but soon they will unite their efforts to exchange ideas and put them together to use.

Conversational Interfaces

There will raise the demand of conversational interfaces. Implementing it will not be a problem from the technical side rather it will have human driven ones, such as language, mental model, lack of confidence, etc. It will be a massive change that will be implemented in web designing while moving away from the traditional screen-based interface.