Social media evaluators are the people whose responsibilities are to improve the relevancy of a technology company’s news feed, newsfeed, ads or search results on many social media channels.

Social media evaluators assess both the value and the relevance of data shared or promoted through social media in their local environment or region in several different types such as news feeds, advertisements and search results.

Enterprises globally have one thing in common – they find the knowledge and the user experience of the very people who use their services and invaluable data for better market navigation and penetration. Social media evaluators and their reporting comprises a vast portion of the data that concerns the effectiveness and relevancy of the service these companies provide.

The job involves looking at companies’ interactivity in all social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, evaluating this interaction, as well as simply counting page views and this is really important for everyone involved. If people are not interacting and sharing, that content is failing.

Influencers who recommend content are highly desirable and sought after. Getting and maintaining the buzz of an influencer leads to sales. Getting a negative blog post will probably hurt sales, at least from the people who usually agree with the influencer’s opinion.

People involved in this are usually given specific assignments to ensure that a social network’s newsfeed is relevant and accurate based on the criteria given.

Knowing what will go viral is nearly impossible. However, part of being a successful evaluator is being a good psychologist and smart anticipator. Part is trial and error and the other part is sheer luck.