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Website maintenance is important to keep your website relevant and up-to-date with any new projects, changes to the company, results or deals for example. Web Design Country offers website maintenance to businesses in Central Alberta. Keeping a website maintained can be a lot of work as it can include a variety of different aspects including browser compatibility.

When you have a professional web designer keeping your website maintained it helps prevent your website from becoming stagnant due to old content, irrelevant images, or broken links. When your website does not function correctly you end up losing potential customers as they will move on to the next website quickly due to any errors or if they think that your website is not up-to-date.

Whether you are in need of simple changes or needing whole new pages made, new images or graphics and a complete redesign, Web Design Country is happy to provide you with these services. Together we can go over what you are needing and we will give you a quote if it goes above and beyond what our yearly maintenance fee covers. You can rest assured that we will give you a fair quote for the work that you are needing to have completed.

With the ever changing technology it is important to keep your website growing, changing and adapting to these changes to keep people coming to your site. Maintenance is very important when it comes to attracting new and targeted visitors. This is why we offer Website Maintenance to our clients.


Our Website Maintenance Services include:


  • Adding/removing pages
  • Replace images i.e. pictures & graphics
  • Modification and Addition of Website Content
  • Shopping cart product updates
  • Image Manipulation and Addition
  • Update announcements, articles/blogs, etc.
  • Newsletter & email list maintenance
  • and more!


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Why You Need Website Maintenance?

The most efficient way to be sure that your website is getting the traffic it needs is to be sure it is maintained. Your website visitors and even search engines notice websites that are kept updated with relevant content and images. It is important that you stay current with the services your business provides. If you do not have all the information available for your customers, then you will miss out on potential income as they will not realize that you provide that service or product. Search engines will also not see that you have those products or services, therefore your website will not show up in the results when someone is searching for a certain service or product. When you keep your website maintained and current to what you provide it allows you to receive the highest return on the investment of your website.