A website without any imagery is like a blank canvass. It’s uninteresting and does not draw attention from your visitor. At the same time, the wrong images can leave the visitor confused or give the wrong impression.  So choosing the right images for your website is incredibly important to clarify what is in the content and to make the page exciting for the reader.

Choosing images for your Red Deer website design can be much more difficult than you would expect. Between the images themselves, size, location on the page, and relevance, there is much to consider. So here’s a little help on how to choose the perfect images for your webpage.


Where to Find Images for Your Website


Of course, these days everyone has a cell phone and most have a very high-quality camera. If you are artistically inclined, taking your own pictures is an option, but most people tend to second guess their own abilities and leave it up to a professional for those custom shots.

There are a number of online options where you can find stock images for a licensing fee but there are plenty of free options available too, like Shutterstock, PikWizard, Pixaby, for example. These sites will offer images that are ready to download in the correct format for immediate use on your website.

Finding where and how to acquire the right images is one thing but actually choosing the subject matter within the imagery is entirely different. It speaks to how you want to connect your images to the web design content and that in itself is subjective. Let’s look at a few ideas on making that imagery choice in the best way possible.


Be Unique


In many cases, web design agencies acquire free images from stock photo sites but think about how many websites there are in your particular field of business and then consider how many use the same pictures. Try to sift through the first couple of pages on a stock image site so that you can find photos that are used less often. Many stock image sites actually tell you how many times an image has been downloaded so you can avoid those that are used frequently.

Be mindful about image costs. Not all are free and you need to pay close attention to the licensing structure for each image you are interested in.

The best way to be completely original is to use custom photos. By taking your own shots, if you’re up to the challenge, or by hiring a professional, you can achieve the exact photo you want for your site. Keep in mind that it can get costly to bring in a professional photographer but the images will do wonders for your design and originality.


Image Subject


What’s in the image depends on the topic of your website, keeping in mind that the size of the image is also an important factor. Reducing the size of an image to fit correctly can be beneficial to your webpage. But enlarging a shot can lower the resolution, so choose wisely.

Think of your target audience and make your selection appropriate to them. If your image can make a connection with the visitor, you will have an easier time converting them into a customer.

By keeping these ideas in mind when selecting your imagery, you will be able to choose the perfect images for your webpage.