No matter the size of your company, your online presence is necessary. Most consumers, and even possible investors, search the internet to see which company has what they need and which one looks like they are the best. This is why it is so important to not only have a website, it needs to be user friendly, easy to navigate and has relevant content. It is imperative that your website functions how your customers expect it to. If you have an online store, they want to know that their transaction will be secure and that they will receive their product in a timely manner. If your site looks out dated, cluttered, or unprofessional in anyway it will turn potential customers away. People gravitate to businesses, whose website is clean, trendy, has content that makes sense and doesn’t take more than 5 seconds to load.

The other thing that is key to your Red Deer website design and online presence is being sure that the right keywords are on your website in the right place. It takes an SEO professional who has experience to place the right words, images, etc. to help search engines see your website as an authority page. This means that the more authority your site has, the higher up the rankings it goes. For many searches, people will only look at the top 3 websites listed in the results. The number one place, gets the most customers. Why? Because in this day people what things fast, and normally the first website that is listed shows what they need so they aren’t going to spend time going down the list to check out the other businesses when they already found what they need.

There are things that you can do to help your website rank higher, however, in the end it is worth the extra money to hire an SEO professional to tweak your site to gain even higher rankings.


Title Tags


Search engines use these to determine what the page is about, it then looks at the other content on the page to be sure that it is relevant to the title. If the title and the content do not have anything to do with each other, it will hurt your ranking. People who are looking for things will search for things specifically. That means they will put into the search bar key words to what they are looking for. So, if your website does not reflect any of the key words customers may potentially type to search for your product, it is more than likely your website with show up farther down the list in the search or not even at all.

It is even a good idea to be specific to your location. By adding the city you are located in, search engines will know that if someone is searching for Red Deer Plumber, that your site is located in Red Deer if the titles reflect that. So adding Red Deer Plumber Services vs just Services will help your rankings a lot more.




Most people are aware of the term META tags. It used to be easy to throw in keywords into the META and it would boost your rankings. However, this practice has been used so much that it no longer has as much effect. SEO professionals stay on top of how search engines change their algorithms to decide what site has the most authority. It is constantly changing so it can get confusing as to what really works and what doesn’t. What does help on a continuous basis is using keywords in the content throughout the website. However, it can be tricky as you can’t have too many or too little. An SEO expert has tools to determine how many and which keywords are needed on each page (as it will be different for each page of the website).

You are able to start yourself, however, by adding keywords a couple times into your website. The best option is to hire an SEO professional to work with you to be sure that your site doesn’t get deemed as spam because you used keywords too many time, or your site doesn’t rank because you didn’t use enough keywords. It is definitely a balancing act to be sure your site is optimized correctly.


In the end, you need a website that is professional, well laid out, has proper SEO and has relevant content that is easy to read and catches customers attention. When you hire a professional web designer like Web Design Country they have the experience and knowledge to develop a website that suits your small business.