Domain Name and Web Hosting Services

Domain Registration Central Alberta


If you are in need of a domain name for your website, Web Design Country provides Domain Name Registration Services. Whether you are a small business, an individual, large corporation or anything in-between, we will help you with the domain registration, domain renewal, domain name transfer, domain forwarding, and DNS management.

The domain name is the URL that you will use to build your online presence, so you want to be sure that it reflects your business or its purpose properly. It is how your customers will find you online, so it is important to stay within your business niche. You do not want something that has nothing to do with your business or the product or services you provide.

As there are more and more businesses realizing that they need a website, Domain Names can become tricky as there are businesses that have the same name or similar names and the Domain you were hoping to have has already been taken. Web Design Country can help you with finding a Domain name that will work for your business by searching the available names and providing a list for you to choose from. From there we will register the Domain on your behalf.

* Please note that only one person can own a specific domain name, it is a first come first served basis. Web Design Country is not responsible for a Domain Name being unavailable.


Web Hosting Central Alberta


There are many hosting companies available due to the high volume of websites. There are also good and bad hosting companies. Web Design Country offers excellent web hosting at affordable rates.

We offer secure and affordable hosting solutions to our clients that is reliable, fast, and has great customer service. We go the extra mile by having measures in place to alert us if there is a problem with any of the websites we manage or host. We believe in being an all in one package for our clients so that they do not have to deal with multiple companies to be able to scale their online presence.