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Web Design Country has come to understand, through experience, that content management is about knowing your process and needs. Content is extremely valuable when it comes to your business’s ability to grow operationally and organizationally. Content Management is a strategic business tool that allows for the improvement in many areas of a business.

We have developed a system for Content Management that is search engine friendly, is accessible and outputs compliant. It can be integrated with your website to allow for additions and modifications to the website’s content to be sure that it is up-to-date with your business. Access is only given to those who have been approved and has the clearance to make modifications. A history of any modification is kept to ensure security and quality.


CMS Development Company Central Alberta


A Content Management System is a popular tool that is efficient and helps a business to maintain their website. There are many different systems out there that are quite popular like WordPress, Xoops, Mambo, Joomla and Drupal for examples. Web Design Country relies mostly on WordPress as we have found it to be the most user friendly. We provide you with the useful plugins and sections that help you to be able to expand and change your website as you see fit.


Web Design Country Content Management Services include:


  • Managing, rewrite and combine content from multiple sources to make it unique
  • Creating the content using standard templates
  • Enabling the users to edit and create web content
  • Publishing the content on the web site
  • Allowing personalized views into combined content via portals
  • Publish the content to either web site or other systems
  • Protecting, Storing, reserving, organizing and versioning the files and any binary media stored within them.