How to Choose a Creative Designer for Professional Design

Finding a Web Designer in Red Deer and Central Alberta   In the recent years, the world has gone from advertising on the radio, newspaper and TV to online forums. People look online to find businesses that offer what they are looking for by putting in the keywords into a search bar and then looking at the websites that come up in the list. So it has become imperative that businesses have a website. This is so people in their area, who are searching for a product or service that they offer, are able to see their business website in the list in hopes that it will show…


Common Mistakes During The Design Process

Web Consultancy Services Red Deer and Central Alberta   There are common mistakes that small businesses make when they are just starting to establish their online presence. The web designers at Web Design Country suggest that before starting your web design project or hosting that you check out these common mistakes so that you can avoid them. Common Web Design and Hosting Mistakes Too many pictures or animations If your website has lots of pictures your website will look cluttered. There needs to be a balance between images and content. The images that you use should also reflect the content that it is beside. You do not want…


Importance of Proper Page Formatting

No matter the size of your company, your online presence is necessary. Most consumers, and even possible investors, search the internet to see which company has what they need and which one looks like they are the best. This is why it is so important to not only have a website, it needs to be user friendly, easy to navigate and has relevant content. It is imperative that your website functions how your customers expect it to. If you have an online store, they want to know that their transaction will be secure and that they will receive their product in a timely manner. If your site looks…

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