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Basic Web Designing Calgary


When you are into web design either for a career or as a hobby there are some essential facts that you must remember if you want all of your websites to look great. Web design is something that is continually changing, but despite those changes you can create many a great website with a few simple rules. Of course, the rules that you work by may increase as you go or they may change a bit but this is a good starting place.

First, always remember that what you see is not what you get when you are designing a website. You cannot design a website and assume that the way you see it is the way that everyone else will see it. How a website appears is dependent upon what web browser you use, and you can bet that not everyone who views you website uses the same web browser as you. Remember with web design that you must keep everyone is mind, not just you and your web browser.

Another important element to get web design is HTML. Many web designers mistakenly assume that HTML is simply a page description language. The fact is that HTML is a structural mark up language, meaning that you are creating the structure of a document not just creating a layout. Even if you think you understand HTML quite well you will be well served to go back and review some of the basic rules that apply to HTML to be sure that you are not using it wrong. So many web design specialists use HTML in the wrong way and it affects the overall appeal of their web site.

Web design is not the same thing as word processing, even if you are putting content on the website. This is a sanity saving rule that you should follow because when you word process you have control over how the page appears. When you put content on a website you have a lot less control over how the content will appear because of differences in computers, computer settings, and web browsers. While you have some control over the layout of the content you simply have to put your faith in the ability of each browser to display your content to the best of its ability.

It’s also important to remember when you are into web design that graphics are not always better than simple links or content. Graphics can really make your web design pop, but you have to remember that an astonishing number of people simply do not like web graphics and will not utilize them. If you want to use graphics that is fine, but it is important in web design to also build web pages that can be navigated easily, with or without the use of graphics.

Along the same vein as using graphics in web design you should also be careful not to use too many gimmicks when you design a web page. While some of the gimmicks are really cool and fun to use, most web browsers would rather that you had a straight forward web set up that would allow them to use the website easily and in their own way. You can use some flashy gimmicks if you must, but remember that more isn’t necessarily better. When it comes to web design, simple is often better. Learn to temper the fun gimmicks with true usability.

Probably the most important rule of web design is to remember that original content makes a great website. You can have all of the flashy gimmicks and graphics that you want on a web page, but without original, quality content your web design will fall flat every time. It seems almost too easy when you look at web design in this manner, but it is true. The thing is that most of us make web design more difficult and complicated than it needs to be. If you have original content you will find that your web page does quite well and there is no need to add any of the extras to your already successful web design. When it comes to web design simple is almost always better.